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Change-maker inclusion summer camp!

This is a 2 week program for anyone interested, to get a full immersion into the world of public policy, specifically its relation, consequences, and lack of awareness of neurodiverse populations. We will be split into teams to tackle different areas of needed accommodation, and with the guidance of our board, each team will have a fully developed project by the end of the program. 

On the last day, all teams will present their progress, and will have the opportunity to present at our Inclusion Webinar.

Throughout the camp, we will play games, with prizes and awards for anyone to win. We will also be doing activities, ice-breakers, and have guest speakers to speak on public policy for neurodiverse individuals.

This is a great way to jump start a project, gain connections, build teamwork and public speaking skills, and work towards a much needed change!

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Why you should join!

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