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Neurodiversity Horizons

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Change-Maker Inclusion SUMMER CAMP!

This is a 2 week immersion into public policy for neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals! We will learn about different topics in civic engagment, have guest speakers, and at the end start a project for public accommodation in neurodiversity, to which you will present at the end.

This will be an opportunity for each group to create a change, with the guidance of a motivated and talented board, and each project will target a unique topic in public policy.

Start a chapter with us!

Join 22 international chapters on a cause to maximize change! We want any motivated advocate to step up and be a part of our community, as well as lead change! 

Through the guidance of our talented and experienced board, we will guide you through each step of advocacy work, and in the end you can help contribute to a much needed change!

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