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Making Posters

Meet all of our chapter presidents!

We have passionate advocates around the world who help us spread our cause of neurodiversity. They represent our cause, and stand in solidarity with us. 

~Neurodiversity Horizons

Creative Arrangment

Chapter presidents

Kristopher Williams ~ Los Angeles

Jake McLaughlin ~ Vermont, USA

Richard Cannon (The Global Patriot) ~ Worldwide manager

Sharon Storlie ~ Thornton, Colorado

Karla Tumbarello ~ France, school

Cassidy Rolfe-Yates ~ Sports and neurodiversity (Alton, England)

Radhika Prakash Chhabria ~ Mumbai, India

Stories Behind The Story (Youth initiative) ~ Articles and social media awareness


Brittney Geary ~ Boston, Massachusetts

Starla Haddows ~ Toronto, Ontario 

Rebecca Pope ~ Waukesha, Wisconsin

Camille Daligand ~ Johannesburg, South Africa

Michaela Cotton ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan

Yana Bradshaw Bee ~ McKinney School District, Texas

Terrica Waits ~ Little Rock, Arkansas

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